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Eklipse 17

Designed from the ground up to suite the varied needs of off road enthusiasts, the Eklipse 17 combines a DOT compliant internal beadlock with modular versatility. Integral to the beadlock system of each Eklipse 17 are six exterior anchor points that let you secure additional accessories. Items such as terrain-specific sacrificial rock rings enable consumers to modify the wheels appearance while fortifying areas that would otherwise be exposed to rock rash. Other features enable the Eklipse 17 the ability to provide tactical solutions to everyday problems. We didn’t set out to build another wheel, we wanted to reinvent it.


Size: 17 x10 (in)

Weight:  38 (lbs) bare (no hardware)

              45.5 with hardware

              50.5 with hardware and 1/2-thick sacrificial rock ring

Backspace: 3.5 (in)

Available Lug Patterns: 5 on 4.5, 5 on 5, 5 on 5.5, 6 on 5.5, 6 on 6.5, 8 on 6.5, 8 on 170

Approved Tire Size: 42 (in)

Weight Capacity: 3,000 (lbs) 5 & 6 lug, 3,500 (lbs) 8 lug



R.D.S. (Rock Defense System)

Plan on tackling the Rubicon trail this weekend? Simply bolt on the sacrificial rock ring that suits your needs and proceed with confidence knowing that your wheels will look new at the end of the day. Each wheel features six Anchor Studs embedded deep into the robust wheel spokes. These anchors work in conjunction with a uniquely contoured lip flange to secure Sacrificial Rock Rings that are specifically designed to spread out forceful impacts across the entire front face of the wheel.



B.A.D. (Bead Assist Device)

Our patented locking method puts the business end inside the air chamber, out of harms way. Easy to assemble, our award winning beadlock system is comprised of three Internal Locking Elements. Each element makes up 1/3rd of the total circumference of the outer bead. Once in place these robust cast aluminum segments are attached directly to the 5/8” Anchor Studs. Once installed, forget about them and run any tire pressure you like. We guarantee that popped beads will be a thing of the past.



R.A.D. (Rapid Air Deflator)

Rather than fumbling with valve stem cores or auxiliary air down tools to adjust tire pressure, the Eklipse 17 has Rapid Air Deflators built right in. These, in addition to standard valve stems, let you evacuate air quickly while monitoring PSI at the same time.



D.D.C. (Deep Drop Center)

Our unique internal beadlock system requires additional space inside the valley of the wheel for installation. As with any wheel, the deeper the drop center, the easier it is to mount and dismount tires. The Eklipse 17 drop center is deeper than any aftermarket wheel designed for the light truck market.



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How it Works

The Bead Assist Device is comprised of three internal locking elements that are installed from the backside of the wheel. Each element features two anchor tabs that align and center the ring in place against the inner surface of the tires external bead. Once in place, two 5/8-inch nuts that utilize a 15/16” socket secure each ring to the wheels corresponding internal anchor posts. For safety, each anchor post has a through-hole designed to accept a locking pin (included). Once installed, the inner surface of the tire bead is supported in place by the locking elements.





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